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 A True GOD Lover who identified Himself with LOVE of GOD .He exemplified Divinity and boundless charisma, so much so that those who came in his presence were over whelmed by sheer joy or Ananda.  SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI MAHARAJ was epitome of Anandamoy personality and Supreme Divinity.

To him life's purpose was, being in state of Ananada and uninterrupted commune with the divine....he said that anything that obstructed this Commune with the divine in this lifetime was Sin….so definition of Sin took a new meaning, What ever was impediment to divine commune was sin,

His profoundest advise to the devotee's was “ pray to the almighty demanding that “ Ananda is my birth right, hence transform myself to this state of Ananada…and make this life a true success”

Yogasutra's define that amongst the Sadahak's in whom the Shakti or Kundalini has reached the highest centre ..Sahasra, that person transform into Anandamoy being, and his charisma attracts one and all…….
such a person's
Words becomes the scripture,
his touch or sparsha purifies
Wherever he seats that place become a holy place
His actions exemplify pure beauty
His Silence is full of eloquence
His patience is mountain like
His dristi or gaze is full of kindness
He showers bliss on the one's gathered around his feat
This was exactly the persona and state of Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari Maharaj

Those that had the privilege of sitting at his feat had the true experience of Divine bliss, his presence transformed one's around him into a state that one would normally achieve through deep meditation. His presence and silence emanated an aura that brought about a transformation in the mind and consciousness of the devotees's and disciples.

Sri Sri Maharaj sang kirtans regularly, to him singing or kirtan was direct medium of commune with the divine. During the kirtans those that were present would transcend into a state where the mind or time did not exist…this was pure bliss and nourishment to the minds and consciousness of the devotee's.

Rabindra sangeet or songs of Kavi guru Rabinranath Tagore was what Sri Sri Maharaj would sing most of the times. To him Rabindra sangeet was collection of highest and most profound prayer, it was a medium of commune with the divine. Maharaj use to say that Gurudev Rabindranth was one of the ancient Rishi's who wrote the Upanishads. Rabindra sangeet was also his way of communicating a thought and message to his devotees.

In his early years …he had a distinctive look of a Yogi, many who had seen him in his early years likened him to the looks of Jesus Christ. In the course of time his commune with Sri Krishna transformed his persona in the bhava of Sri Radhika. To him Sri Radhika was epitome of Bhakti and pure Love for the divine. In Sri Radhika he found his own image of pure love for Sri Krishna or the divine.

His love for Sri Krishna or the Divine was reflective in his profound love and affection for humanity. It was this unconditional love for his devotee's and humanity in general that stood out in all his undertakings and actions. he trotted the globe till his last days and visited home to home to bring Ananada to his devotee's, most importantly he guided them to understanding of higher principle's of life. He created number of trusts and social service foundations in his pursuit to bring happiness to the needy. Hospitals, Medical Centers , Schools and Yatri Nivas at pilgrim centre's were built in the name of his own Gurudev Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari .

He insisted that social service needs to be performed with the attitude to serve and needs to be done silently and with humility.

He performed the Holy Yagna at Badrinath for more than 20 years and performed the ritual Durga , Lakshmi and Saraswati puja's, in his efforts to seek welfare and well being of the humanity, spices , plants and Mother Earth

A significant aspect of the spirituality of Sri Sri Maharaj  was his selfless surrender and devotion to his Gurudev Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari Maharaj. He dedicated himself to the work and wishes of his Gurudev.

His constant advise ….was for complete surrender to the divine, he would say ''let the divinity express itself in your being, The divine is in deep anguish for not being able to unfold itself in your being. You don't have to search for the divine, he himself will seek and come to you, from your side just surrender to the divine will and keep your self ready for his arrival.” This was what he defined as Sadhana….waiting with hope for the arrival of the divine. Thus he would pray…”.Dibosho rojoni ami jeno kar ashar ashai thake”

He was born in the year 1904 and at the age of 16 while studying for the intermediate level left the homely life in search and persuit of the Divine……he came to the Asharam at Karanibad at the feet of his would be guru Sri sri Balanandaji. He was initiated during Durga Ashtami in the principles of Sri Tripura Sundari the presiding deity of the Ashram and the Ishta-devi of the guru parampara

His Sadhana was of severe austerity and involved traveling on feet and living on alms.. he assimilated to the the traditions of his Parampara the concept of Kirtan/.Harinam. He propagated Harinam/ divine name throughout the world.

In 1999 Aug 29 th Sri Sri Maharaj left his physical form only to be omni present and be a constant guiding force for his disciples, devotee's and all those who chose to seek his help. He had assured his devotee's that the Guru cannot rest until each and every disciple reaches salvation. He said your near one's can disown you for some faults of yours, however as a Guru I can never disown you I will be there life after life seeking you and guiding you to your salvation. He lives today amongst us in the collective consciousness of the devotees and continues to make his presence felt to those who are prepared and ready for him.

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