Saturday, January 9, 2010


Religion is conscious union with HIM

Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari

Live constantly in the presence of the Divine .You have to live constantly with Him.Live in the feeling that He  is performing every actions in you.He is controlling every thoughts and actions done by you.By offering every actions to Him,gradually you will attain True Sharanagati.
Offer all your movements to your SRI GURU.not only every  mental action.every thought and feeling.but even the most ordinary and external actions,such as,eating,sleeping,walking,moving everything. In this simple process,an integral transformation will be gradually realized in you.

It is not so much the repetition of 'you are not the doer' which is important but it is more a matter of consciousness or rather your state of being aware of the fact that you truly cannot do anything. It is the energy and consciousness within who is the doer.

Behind the I, there is the I principal, which is deeper and the ground of your existence, one with the universal existence.
One way is to contemplate and meditate upon the awareness 'who am I? and the other is to submit yourself to the universal principle of the Divine with love and devotion.

As you keep humbling yourself through humility knowing that only God is the doer, you will gradually move toward a state of consciousness that is the truth.
You can never get rid of your ego over night, for its roots are deep seated in the womb of your subconscious mind that spreads to millions of births before you came to this body. Now you have to be very patient and persevere through the path of life with humble surrender and love of the Divine.

Be absolutely assured in your heart, that your heart is the seat of the divine and that you are carrying God all the time in your heart. The closer you come through your awareness of your heart center as the seat of the Divine, humility and love will flow out of you as spontaneous effortless endeavor.

Keep persevering through the path of life with awareness as the biggest gift that you have with you in order to explore the ground of your true being and unravel the mystery of who you are in essence.

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