Saturday, January 9, 2010

" Praner Manush" SRI GURU MOHAN

" Praner Manush" SRI GURU MOHAN
The sparkle of the moonlight night, inspires us to greater heights from where its so exciting to be in communion with our Beloved Sri GuruMohan. the purnima....and full moon is showering its glorious light....triggering a thought..a query where is the praner manush!!
If we sit amidst the quietude and the tranquil light of the moonshine, we will feel the footsteps of our Praner is in this eternal quest for the Praner Manush that we move from life to life chasing the joys and sorrows of each life....satisfaction always seems to avoid us....and we finally find our all satisfying moments each time the Foot steps of our praner manush is felt. It is in these moments of all encompassing surrender we want to merge our individual entities in our Praner manush and want to be one with him!...this is the moment of highest satisfaction and Joy......This is Raash....the moments of Communion with our Praner Manush. Our Praner Manush awaits eternally with extended arms for this embrace ...he is more eager than any of us for this communion and each time we turn else where seeking satisfaction.....he is grieved.
we desperately seek people to love us ignoring the one who loves us so dearly....this perhaps is the eternal game of maya.

So there is nothing to grieve about....since we have our Praner manush awaiting to soothe and alleviate us of all dissatisfaction.

The pain and agony that we face in life is only to turn us in the right direction.....towards the direction of most satisfying experience....the Raash!
Whenever we will look up to the " Smiling & all Knowing picture of our beloved Sri Guru Mohan".... we will see our Praner manush waiting with extended Arms!
Dol Purnima 2011


  1. Gurudeb is that light which helps us to walk through the darkness of our lives.
    He is always there next to us whether we realise it or not.