Saturday, January 9, 2010



''Try to be a perfect accurate instrument in the hands of DIVINE "----.SRI SRI MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI


The humanitarian works threw a new light and glorious lustre on SREE SREE MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI.His profound love for humanity was expressed through his boundless compassion for the afflicted.In anguish his heart cried out for suffering humanity.He therefore took their afflictions as his own and tried to alleviate it as best as possible.His love for humanity stood permanently carved through his noble deeds, on which he poured out his bountiful charities by establishing several hospitals at considerable expense in the city of Kolkata and elsewhere.
He will be remembered for his noble smplicity and calm grandeur.He was a Teacher,Reformer and Philosopher but above all he was a Humanist.He sympathetically viewed the hopeless suffering humanity, and gently spoke a word of Hope,Love and Light to them.He brought solace to countless human beings.He poured forth joy as well, lighting up a faint smile on their agonized faces.Therein shines the Glory of GOD.
When he renounced the world, he left with this determination..''I shall carry on this pilgrimage of life for the good of  the creatures and Thy Glory....''
Though He contributed magnificently to the intellectual spirituality of  modern times, his humanitarian works will remain as a symbol of his profound feeling for Mankind.
For His humanism alone, if not for anything else,           SREE SREE MOHANANANDA's memory will go down the corridors of time.

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