Saturday, January 9, 2010


SREE SREE MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI  wanted to spread God’s Holy name and serve people to every remote corner of the country and abroad.He therefore decided to move from door to door all the year round to spread the name of God.
                       With a srong will and determination he set off to fulfil his Noble Mission.He moved on from one place to the other with His electric Speed and intense mobility.No one could make him stay in one place for long . He was a God-intoxicated nomadic traveller throughout his life journey. He moved from door to door every three days with the sole object of spreading the name of the Lord. To be more precise,he injected God’s name into people’s ears and transformed their lives.He invented absolutely modern technique to uplift downtrodden Masses. He made a silent spiritual reformation in every house he visited in a very simple way.
The effective and easy way through which he performed his life’s mission of propagating the name of the God was Kirtanas. But what is KIRTANA ? In simple language,it is the singing of God’s name through devotional songs,inspiring Love for God.

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