Saturday, January 9, 2010


SREE SREE MOHANANANDA BRAHMACHARI possessed Magnetic charm and Electric personality.He attracted thousands of people by his beautiful poise and magnificent serenity. Even looking at him outwardly one can guess his inward self-control, self-harmony and peace.His self-control made it possible for him to live in harmony with others,and that lead him onto universal sympathy and Love.
He was the centre of a vast energy,a religious reformer or a discoverer and a TRUE FRIEND OF HUMANITY   .He maintained a close,intimate and bracing contact with a large mass of devotees all over India and abroad.He shared their weal or woe,their pleasure and pain,their hopes and aspirations but he never got entangled in their affairs, nor he was emotionally disturbed.He was one of them, important star in the constallation and if not Loadstar of the family.

SUPREME DETACHMENT He moved relentlessly from one family to another,every second or third day,despite he maintained a supreme detachment all the while.One of the most outstanding feature of SREE SREE MAHARAJ was his complete Non-attachment to worldly affairs.He remained calm and serene in the midst of Sea of People.Though he was busy with his outward activities, inwardly he floated in a DIVINE BLISS,which was the source of his abounding vitality.

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